Monty ring (Ashes, Hair or Flowers)


These beautiful handmade rings are the perfect tribute to a loved one. Silversmithed in the UK in 925 sterling silver with a hammered look they are available in sets if two, three or five.

Two rings includes one plain band and one band with a 6mm setting.

Three rings include one plain band, one band with a 6mm setting and one band with a 4mm setting.

Five rings include two plain bands, two bands with a 6mm setting and one band with a 4mm setting.

You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase has been made and in that email will be instructions on what to do and where to send your loved ones ashes/hair to.

Thank you.

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One single ring, Set of five rings, Set of three rings, Set of two rings


Apple green, Black, Blue 2, Blueish-green, Breastmilk, Bronze, Bronze-green, Brown, Cerise, Coffee, Copper, Flowers, Gold 2, Lavender, Lavender opal, Lilac, Magenta, Magic blue, Mauve, Nacarat, Orange, Pearl white, Purple 2, Red, Rose red, Silver-grey, Sky blue, Yellow


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